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How can my organization afford such services from consultants?

Answer: FSI offers clients the option of using a contingency-fee approach for savings projects. Payment for services is paid from a portion of client savings and credits. Therefore, there is NO true out of pocket cost to use FSI services. This “guaranteed savings” option places the financial risk on the consultant.


Why is FSI willing to take this “guaranteed” savings approach? Isn’t that too risky for a consulting business?

Answer: FSI is confident in its ability to find savings. Since the early 1990s, FSI personnel have consistently cut costs, ranging from 10-45%. Every project is different, so FSI cannot guarantee any specific percentage. The contingency option is designed to be a win-win situation and to put clients at ease.

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What if we simply want to pay for such services on a T&M basis?

Answer: FSI is willing to work on a T&M basis, but the client should realize that approach puts any financial “risk” on the client rather than the consultant. However, FSI has found that either a contingency approach or a T&M approach typically yields similar results. FSI suggests that clients choose their “comfortable” approach.

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Does FSI receive compensation from the telecommunications or energy vendors as well as consulting fees?

Answer: Absolutely not! FSI provides a vendor-independent service. In rare energy cases, clients prefer that FSI act as a broker (in those cases, the clients do not pay a fee to FSI). We work in the best interest of our clients.

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Will we have to change providers?

Answer: No. If you are happy with your providers, there is usually no reason to change. Savings are still possible.

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Can we accomplish similar things with our own staff?

Answer: Most experts agree that in-house personnel usually are too busy and lack the expertise to do what a specialist can. Billing-system errors, tariffs, rates, legal issues, and technology changes are so frequent that it is difficult to stay on top things. FSI keeps its finger on the pulse of these issues.

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Aren’t we entitled to refunds from billing issues anyhow? Why do we need FSI for that?

Answer: FSI locates hard-to-find billing issues. Many issues exist, such as human error, system errors, incomplete orders, fraud, third-party billing, etc. FSI deals with these issues every day, finds them quickly, and knows when providers are simply offering a bad deal to reach a bad settlement with your staff. Providers are so poor at billing that some offer services for a fee to ensure that their billing is accurate!

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FSI support sounds like a good opportunity for us, but what about our time to support FSI efforts? We can’t afford that time.

Answer: FSI operates as an extension to your staff providing a fresh outlook at expenses, while avoiding interruption of daily business management. Clients generally need only provide access to their information and billing—and to make decisions as a result of FSI’s analysis and recommendations. FSI implements and manages any negotiations and changes in plans or service directly with the service provider. You barely need to spend any of your time to support these projects.

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What about existing contracts? We just signed contracts so you can’t save us money, right?

Answer: FSI can find savings regardless of contract status. Some of our best results have come for clients that had just renegotiated their major contracts prior to bringing FSI in. But we do not recommend signing a contract with your providers without our help, because it can place restrictions on what can be done.

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Why FSI? There are plenty of consultants out there.
Answer: FSI provides a unique blend of technical, contractual, financial, and project-management expertise to clients, and FSI’s integrity and “attention to detail” is second to none. Just ask our clients!
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