Flagship Logo With many clients throughout the USA and the United Kingdom, FSI places customer service, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction among its highest priorities.  

"We have been dealing with FSI for years, our company like most is always trying to watch payroll. Unfortunately that leaves little time to analyze phone bills. FSI has the expertise to understand the complex Verizon bills we never seemed to get to. They have found thousands of dollars of overcharges. Better yet they handle the grueling process of filing claims and follow through until you see the credits. I would recommend them to anyone who feels they are just paying the bills due to lack of time or understanding of your current phone bills and contracts. We even have them helping us with our energy contracts as well."

Blair Helmick
System Administrator
Parts Distributors, LLC
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Hollister's UK business units have been working with Dave Leather and his colleagues at Flagship Solutions since 2004.

Dave and his team have the great ability to very quickly review and understand the communication arrangements of our UK and European business units. They have worked with multiple vendors to facilitate the consolidation of our communication arrangements into an optimised portfolio that has lead to significant cost savings and the removal of much inefficiency.

Flagship's attention to detail is to be commended. Dave and his team are extremely thorough and accurate in all their work. They also have superb interpersonal skills that enable them to quickly gain the trust, respect and friendship of everyone they work with.

When working for the Hollister UK businesses, Flagship Solutions are treated as fully trusted partners who are authorised to act on Hollister's behalf. This was particularly important in 2005 when due to an unexpected business situation Flagship had to negotiate multiple new contracts for Hollister UK when only minimal help and support was available from Hollister's staff. Dave and his team successfully renegotiated the Hollister contracts and was a great help to the Hollister UK business during a difficult period.

Hollister UK extends our thanks to Dave and all at Flagship Solutions.
Mike Leeding
Head of IT Services
Hollister EMEA
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"We thought that FSI would find little for us when we brought them in for an evaluation because we had just negotiated some new contracts. To our surprise, they found plenty. We saved 39%, including refund amounts for billing issues. The fact that you have contracts plays a role, but FSI knows how to work through such challenges.

We continue to use FSI services over the years because we know from our experience with them that they are experts, and that they are always working on our behalf with our best interests in mind. Their ability to focus on the sometimes confusing details of our telecommunications contracts allows my staff to focus on other work tasks. We’ve built a relationship based on trust, and they serve as strategic partners as we work together towards best solutions.

They also helped us to find, through a competitive bid process, a great fit phone system for our call center operation, savings us lots of money through the entire process. FSI has solid project management skills which are critical to success when engaging in major technology enhancements such as these.”

Mark Frost
Executive Director
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“Thinking back to when Dave Leather told me that he and his team could save us, conservatively 25 - 40%, of our current telecommunication costs still amazes me. And this was before he even looked, in detail, at our invoices!

Dave and his team have a very acute understanding of the telecommunications business and its players. They fully understand the strong and weak points of each of the major players including AT&T, Verizon, and Qwest but also have an excellent awareness of the general practices and procedures followed by most telecommunications companies. His team spends a significant amount of time meticulously reviewing current contracts and invoices, assessing where there are areas of improvement to address, developing a detailed set of recommended actions with estimated savings, and then carries out the customer selected actions quickly and effectively. All of this is done with the customer's best interests at the forefront. He ensures that you, his customer, are involved in all decisions and actively participate, at appropriate levels, in carrying out the activities.

His team's efforts and guidance resulted in an annual decrease in telecommunications cost of over 20% and one-time credits and adjustments totaling just over 20% of the then-current telecommunications costs. Their efforts resulted in a first year savings in excess of 40%!

I could go on and on but.… I would strongly encourage any company to talk with Dave and his team from Flagship Solutions and you will quickly learn that their service is well worth the associated costs.”

Bill Budig
Director – Information Technology
Kerasotes Theatres
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